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IV Infusion Therapies in Houston.

Oak Gardens is a family-owned and local Home Healthcare service provider. We are your infusion therapy partner in Houston who cares about your wellness, and your expense. Our team comprises compassionate and caring professionals who are dedicated to working together to provide high-quality care and personalized Home Infusion Therapy service at your home.

We make it possible for you to receive your home infusion needs at home, as an alternative to making regular trips to the hospital just to receive your shots. It required a skilled infusion nurse. This program will enable the patient to be discharged from the hospital, receive IV antibiotic therapy at home. 

List of Common IV Treatments:

  • IV Antibiotics
  • TPN Therapies
  • Growth Hormone
  • Hydration
  • Factor VIII
  • Enteral Nutrition Therapy
  • All other Infusion
  • Immune Boosting IVs
  • Vitamin IV therapy
  • Wellness therapy
  • Ozone/UBI therapy

Our home infusion professionals are highly trained in various home infusion techniques.  They mostly have years of experience in administering medications to various health requirements.

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You have a choice. If you would like Oak Gardens to become your new infusion or injection treatment Partner, it’s really easy!

We want to help you by making your treatment as affordable as possible. Just make an appointment or call us at (713) 779-5200. We will obtain insurer approval and notify your physician. We have insurance specialists who will explore all relevant drug assistance programs, rebates, and other cost-saving opportunities on your behalf.

Immediately, we will contact you to discuss your benefits, potential rebates and drug assistance programs, and out-of-pocket costs (if any), so that you are well aware of everything. We will then schedule your appointment at your convenience.

Infusion therapy is considered as a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care for many disease states and therapies. Our skilled nurses make sure patients that they receive treatment at home is more comfortable and convenient.

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The main group of professionals that administer INFUSION therapy in people’s homes is nurses. OAK GARDENS team is equipped with highly trained and skilled nurses.


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Why Trust Oak Gardens for Infusion Therapy at Home in Houston and surrounding areas like Katy, Richmond, Sugar land, Bellaire and more ?

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Oak Gardens Health Care Services, is licensed by the state of Texas and certified by Medicare/Medicaid since 2008. We provide quality health care in the home environment.

We are guided by a tradition of personal, clinical, and technological excellence. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of client care with compassion and respect for each person. We recognize the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each person. We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and service to clients, families, caregivers, visitors, and each other.

We provide “skilled services” such as nursing, social services and therapeutic treatments (physical, speech and occupational therapy), home infusion in Houston and surrounding areas. We also provide non skilled services such as helping with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc.


At Oak Gardens Home Health, we are committed to providing high-quality, individualized home health care treatments and programs designed to meet each of our patients’ medical needs. Our premium home health care services include:

  • Tools, education, and 24/7 assistance to help you manage your condition at home
  • Premium in-home health care provided by professional nurses, therapists, social workers, and health aides
  • Personal and familial support for emotional and psychological improvement
  • Daily monitoring and regular evaluation of your health condition

We’re here to help to preserve your independence and improve the quality of your life. Read More >>