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Therapy Service in Houston

 Oak Gardens is a locally owned and operated home health care provider located in Houston. We are a full-service agency and we offer comprehensive and reliable services ranging from Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Services and Speech Therapy. 

We deeply appreciate how important it is for you or your nearest one to enjoy the comfort of your own home,  as long as possible. 

Oak Gardens serving since 2008 in Houston and surrounding areas. Our nurses and therapists have vast experience with balance disorders, muscle weakness, post-operative rehabilitation, lymphedema, repetitive work injury, Parkinson’s disease,  stroke, multiple sclerosis, and other orthopedic and neurologic disorders. 

We can schedule Therapists visits based on your requirements. 


Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy


Your Happiness Is Our Priority

We are recognized for Excellence Within the Industry.  Services range within Skilled nursing to rehabilitation assistance at your home, wherever you call.  We respect your wishes and take the privilege of caring for you at home very seriously. We’re committed to earning your trust with every visit and there are many reasons for choosing us for Private Duty Nursing-


One-on-one medical care.


Highest levels of compassion


Safety and Monitoring


Reliability you deserve


Open To All


Trusted Professionals


Lower cost than Hospital care


Clinical excellence


Provide real-time support


Personalized Care

Better Physical Therapy Care Begins at Home.

Simplified recovery through a continuous care approach can assist a lot in rehabilitation needs. Once we are engaged, we ensure the following- 

  • Experienced nurses and therapists follow a customized care plan that has been established and reviewed regularly by a doctor
  • Regular analysis of patient outcomes.  Satisfaction measures to improve the quality of care.

Provides physician-prescribed treatment aimed at the development and restoration of musculo-skeletal and joint function.

 • Assessment of rehabilitation Needs

• Home Safety/Falls Prevention

• Therapeutic Exercises

• Gait Training

• Transfer Training

• Establish Home Exercise Program

• Prosthetic Training

• Muscle Re-Education

• Modalities

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In 2008 OAK GARDENS started operation in Houston. Skilled nurses and therapists are the keys to our therapy services to facilitate the patient transition from Pain to Independence.

Speech Therapy in Houston: What we do by our skills Nurses and Therapist

  • Voice disorder therapy

  • Speech articulation therapy

  • Cognitive retraining

  • Dysphagia

  • Home swallowing evaluation (bedside swallow) and

  • Retraining.

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Home Health Occupational Therapy in Houston by skills Nurses and Therapist of Oak Gardens


• Activities of daily living training

• Adaptive Equipment Training

• Energy Conservation Technique Training

• Fine and Gross Motor Activities

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Home Health

All insurance accepted ( in/w.out Network)

Private Duty

Offering 24/7 service in Houston

IV/ Infusion (Home)

Required for treatment and preventative care

Skilled Nurses

Personalized service in Home Health Care

Pediatric Care

Full range of pediatric home care


Physical , Occupational and Speech.


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Provides help to clients to regain self-care skills and activities of daily living.

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Why Choose us?

We provide “skilled services” such as nursing, social services and therapeutic treatments (physical, speech and occupational therapy). We also provide nonskilled services such as helping with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc.


Service Quality

Each patient and family we are privileged to serve is unique. Our ongoing mission is to design a specific plan to help those in our care achieve their best possible health – in the comfort of home.


Excellence in service

We are guided by a tradition of personal, clinical, and technological excellence. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of client care with compassion and respect for each person.


Professional Staffs

We employ a team of caring, compassionate and exceptional staff members all committed to providing the highest quality services any day or night and even weekends and holidays.


Personalised Care

Under the direct supervision of the referring physician, our highly skilled home care professionals deliver quality, compassionate care. We also include families and caregivers in the care process, offering valuable information, guidance and – most of all – support.


24 Hours Service

We offer 24-hour services. Each patient is assigned a staff member and visits are scheduled as ordered. The registered nurse will work with the doctor, patient, and family to design a home health care program to fit the patient’s needs.


Open to all

Patients who are homebound, either temporarily or permanently, and require medical care, may qualify for services with Oak Gardens Health Care Services once services are underway. The Plan of Care will be monitored by RN supervisors to ensure coordination of many services and adherence to doctor’s orders.


Cut Cost

Home Health shortens and, in some cases, even eliminates hospital stays. Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurance plans cover the cost of home health care, according to their guidelines and criteria for home health services.